Static Guarding

Static Guarding : All APT security staff are trained to deal with guarding premises against unauthorised access or occupation, against outbreaks of disorder, damage, destruction or any property being stolen.

We also have the skills to guard one or more individuals against assault, or against injuries that might be suffered in consequence of unlawful conduct of others. We will provide a physical presence by carrying out any form of patrol or surveillance, as to deter or otherwise discourage anything from happening or to provide information. We will also guard premises against unauthorised access include being wholly or partly responsible for determining the suitability for admission.

Trained in Several Site Disciplines

Our Security Officers are trained in several site disciplines including traffic management, access control, first aid, fire marshalling, waste management and of course security guarding. Your project will benefit from the operators knowing from day one their role, responsibilities and duties to ensure the site dynamics continue to flow safely and securely.

Highly trained, uniformed staff, to protect your property. Our static personnel provide:

  • Site Search
  • Gate keeping
  • Front of House / Commissionaire
  • Car Park Control
  • Construction Site Security
  • Shopping Centre Security
  • Retail and Retail Parks
  • Industrial Premises Security
  • Commercial Premises Security


Our multidiscipline personnel can save you money by multi-tasking. Attitude, training and appearance are part of our Core Values.