Mobile Patrols

Mobile Patrols : APT’s mobile service provides the perfect solution for an efficient and visible deterrent.

Our mobile patrols staff have local knowledge of area and will visit at agreed frequencies, through the night and weekends where we will physically patrol and check your premises for damage or intrusion.

All our security-based services are devised specifically for the safeguarding of your staff, premises and contents. Call us and we will take care of it all, keeping you in touch at all times of all developments.
The client receives all the due care and vigilance provided by a static security officer, but at time-slots pre-defined by the client.

When can you use us?

  • To cover out-of-office hours
  • For pre-determined locking and opening up at premises
  • To ensure vacant buildings do not fall prey to vandals or squatters
  • To patrol perimeters around open areas

Our fully-trained officers will check doors/windows/gates, looking for signs of fire/flood and act as a visual deterrent.  Any incidents would be reported to the client by the Administration Team, together with any immediate action taken to secure the site.